Field station at Yuanyang Lake (YYL).
Field station at Yuanyang Lake (YYL).

YYL is in the north-central region of Taiwan (24°35′N, 121°24′E). The lake, surrounded with natural Chamaecyparis obtusa forest, is a natural preserve area. YYL and its watershed was selected for long-term ecological study by the Taiwan National Science Council in 1994 and joined the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) in 2004.

Location and environment at YYL


Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica is running a field station at YYL.

It includes accommodation facility (with lodging capacity for 16 persons), Instrumented buoy for high-frequency data collection in lake (deployed in April 2004 to record surface DO concentration, water temperature, and wind speed every 10 min) and a land-based weather station (deployed in 1996 to record precipitation, air temperature, and downward photosynthetically active radiation). The facilities are open for scientific research.

Accommodation facility

Instrumented buoy

Land-based weather station


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