Coral Reef Field Ecology Laboratory
Coral Reef Field Ecology Laboratory

We are a group of field ecologists studying population and community ecology of corals and coral reef organisms.

Our current research topics include:

  1. Regulatory mechanisms of synchronous spawning in (scleractinian) corals.
  2. Long-term monitoring of coral communities in Taiwan.
  3. Population ecology of the pioneer coral, Pocillopora verrucosa.
  4. Recovery process of corals after a coral bleaching event.
  5. The use of benthic grazers (sea urchins and gastropods) to enhance growth and recovery of coral populations.
  6. Establishment of coral-bacteria association
  7. Population ecology of green sea turtle Chelonia mydas in Taiwan
  8. Population ecology of coral reef fish.
Location: Green House Building 247
Tel: +886-2-2787-1580
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